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Dr Robbie Adler-Tapia is a licensed psychologist who specializes in working with clients who have experienced trauma. Even though she works with clients of all ages Dr Robbie specializes in working with young children. Dr Robbie provides therapy for clients with attachment and adoptions issues, child abuse histories, and for law enforcement. She is an EMDR Institute Facilitator and EMDR/HAP Trainer. With the EMDR HAPKIDS Program, Dr. Adler-Tapia volunteers to assist with coordinating research, consultation, and training for therapists working with children internationally. She has also provided specialty trainings on treating attachment and the dissociative sequelae, working with young children in the child welfare system and on EMDR with children. Along with her co-author, Carolyn Settle, Dr. Adler-Tapia is co-author of the book, EMDR and the Art of Psychotherapy With Children and accompanying treatment manual, and a chapter on EMDR with Children in the soon to be released book edited by Allen Rubin and David Springer, The Clinician's Guide to Evidence-Based Practice Series, Volume 2, Treatment of Traumatized Adults and Children.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm a KKiC by Dr. Robbie

I'm working on a new project to help children with cancer and the families who care for them. I have a workbook written collaboratively with my daughter. The new workbook is called, "I'm a KKiC" on kids kicking cancer. I also have a second workbook to help children and families with resources during the medical journey that includes creating resources to help with what can be intrusive and traumatic medical procedures. Stay tuned for the workbooks to be available to the public.

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